sticky sticky ya, sticky yam, sticky yay...
its time for stick core 4 - the biggest stick core you´ll have ever seen.
as the stick core homebase idrawalot sadly has closed down and the adhesive castle named hatch has re-opend its totally clear where this years show will take place: at hatch - the worlds first sticker museum.

oooh baby i like it raw...
we will display street stickers by artists from all over the world of every material and size. as in the shows before we present you the sticky material in massive room filling combos and sure you can leave your own mark. this years show will open with a blast on july 4th, of course there will be cool drinks and good music for the crowd, as also some little surprises.
let´s celebrate.

we can´t wait to see you, bring your stickers, peace,

stick core